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I do not get an eMail-copy when sending an eMail.
Some, eMail systems (like GMail, Google IMAP) do not submit an eMail which you have sent to yourselves to your [Inbox]. You can only see this message in [Sent] box, that's all.
With other programs like Outlook (POP) and Mac Mail (POP, iCloud, IMAP) you do receive a copy of the message.

Can you sent attachments?
Yes. But you have to use your own eMail program (Outlook, Hotmail, Mac Mail, ..) and not our website. All attachments are possible, no (real) limit. But we do monitor.

Reply eMails go to everyone !
You can change the setting "Send replies to:" in the MEMBERS page to either {Group} or {Sender}. The default value is {Group}.

How will my eMail program handle the Replys ?
With "Send replies to: Group" your eMail program will:
[REPLY]-button > send an eMail to the Group.
[REPLY to ALL] > send an eMail to the Group.

With "Send replies to: Sender" your eMail program will:
[REPLY]-button > send an eMail to the Sender.
[REPLY to ALL] > send an eMail to the Sender.

How can I rename a group?
You can only rename groups by creating a new Group and then import the data from a file which you have exported from the old Group.
1. Go to the Group you want to rename
2. Edit Members
3. Use the Export feature to transfer the member data to a file
4. Create a new Group - with the new name
5. Go to the new Group
6. Edit Members
7. Use the import feature to import the saved member data
8. Check if all is OK
9. Delete the old Group

What are the different user and member rights?
You can assign a status to each member of a Group. Everyone can create an own eMailDodo account and see him/herselves in the Group via the web or mobile app.

1. A MEMBER can only see the Members. In the Group view, Members with an eMailDodo logo already have an eMailDodo account. You can not change their details.

2. An EDITOR can only change, add and delete Members. To be able to see and edit the members groups each Editor should have, or create, an own eMailDodo account.

3. The ADMIN remains the boss. This person can appoint Editors & Members and change, add and delete them or the whole group.

How can you change the admin of a group?
If you would like the transfer the group to a different admin you have two options.

A. Export Members. Check Export. Delete group. [New admin:] Create Group with same name. Import Members.

B. If you are not to sure about this you can:
Sent us an eMail from the admin account and let us know which group you would like to switch to which admin eMail. The new admin should have an account with eMailDodo. Then we will do the switch for you.

Where can I easily import / export members?
1. Click on your Group
2. Click button IMPORT or EXPORT

Does this work for all fields?
Yes you can also import/export the additional data fields of members. These fields are a Premium feature.
1. Export the group
2. Save the file
3. Open the file
4. Check the format and order of the fields
5. Enter the data
6. Save the new file
7. Import the new file

Importing an Excel sheet does not work.
Check the following:
1. Are you logged in as admin ?
2. Is your list not bigger than the #members allowed in your group ?
3. Are the columns in right order ?
4. Did you use the right file format ? (see example file)

If this does not help, let us know.

How do I update the data on my mobile.
To update the data in the mobile app you just pull down the screen where you see all the groups. You will see a spinning update wheel and the last time and date of your update.

How can I set up eMailDodo with my own domain?
First of all, you have to be a full premium member ($25). When you upgrade to the own domain feature you will receive an eMail with the instructions. You need acces to your own domain manager. All'n all it is a five minute set up.

What is a 'domain manager'?
The "domain manager" is the website where you can create new email addresses / manage mailboxes / etc. of the domain which you would like to link to eMailDodo.

What is the Group-in-Group feature?
As part of our Premium Service you can upgrade your Group to use the Group-in-Group feature.

The Group-in-Group feature allows you to add other Groups with a address to your Group. This enables you to create a parent Group for a "parent-child" structure.

So, it gives you greater eMail flexibility.

The GiG feature is a group specific $5 upgrade and is not included in on of the Premium accounts.

How do I set it up?
1. Create the parent Group.
2. Enable the Group-in-Group feature via GiG page.
3. Add the (existing) child groups as member (max.=10).

How can I change an answer?
You can only change an answer by going back to the original email you have received. Then you click on the correct answer.

Do Questions work with GiG?
Unfortunately, no.

What is a Tag or Prefix?
As part of our Premium Service you can upgrade your Group to use the Prefix/Tag feature.
The prexfix or Tag (eg. '[Team 1]' ) will be shown in every eMail in front of the subject.

You can add a Prefix in the Group settings once you have upgraded your Group to 750 members.

How do I set it up?
1. Upgrade your Group to 750 members via Prefix page.
2. Add and edit the Prefix/Tag via your Group settings page.

How can I change a header of footer?
Yes, but you have to be a full premium member ($25).
To change a header or footer via the site you have to put in a request to activate with the HelpDesk.

How long will this process be?
One day. Normally we have your request, approval and activation resolved in a day.

Is this per group or per account?
Each group can have its own header or footer.

Can you add logos and colors?
Yes. You can add small logos in the header or footer if you like. Send us the file and we will reformat it for you.

How do I set it up?
1. Go to Group Settings .
2. Click on "Show"-button.
3. Add the html (for html-formatted eMails) and txt (for txt-formatted emails) into the boxes. You can reload the default .
4. Press Save.


<a href="">
  <img src="" width="100" alt="My logo">
Horizontal Line:
<hr size="1">
Empty Line:

How do I create an empty header or footer ?
Just add a couple of spaces.
If you don't do this, it will revert to the default header or footer.

How can I make sure my Group does not receive any spam ?
You can change the setting "Allow eMails from:" in the MEMBERS page to either {Everyone} or {Only Members}. The default value is {Everyone}.
If you change the setting to {Only Members} no outsider will be able to send eMails to the Group.
Be aware that you also can not send eMails to the Group from another eMail address ...

Are you selling our eMail Addresses ?
No. The eMail addresses in our system will be save for any commercial use by third parties.

Who can see the details of the Members ?
All Members can see each others' details.
Only if you set the setting "Allow eMails from:" in the MEMBERS page to {Only Admin / Editor} none of the Members will be able to see the details of other Members.

Can I add more than 50 members to a Group ?
Yes you can. See our Premium Service.

Can I create more than 10 Groups ?
Yes you can. See our Premium Service.

Can I use eMailDodo for my business ?
Yes you can. See our Premium Service.

Can I use eMailDodo with my own domainname ?
Yes you can. See our Premium Service.

Can I add the eMail address of another eMailDodo Group in my Group ?
Yes you can with the Group-in-Group feature. See our Premium Service.

Where can I find and change my account details?
You can find your account details via the top menu MY DETAILS.

Do you provide a receipt?
Yes. In the MY DETAILS page you can find your payment details and bills/receipts for your (corporate) administration.

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